The art of business

The art of doing business completely remotely.

EU IBANs, Corporate Business Cards & Accepting E-commerce Payments - Universal Solution For Businesses of All Sizes

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A desktop app that
means business

Operate your business from a state-of-the-art web-based desktop application

We never design for just looks, we always design for functionality. Our cutting edge desktop application will become one of the most powerful tools in running your business.

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Your business at the palm of your hand

The BigWallet app will propel your business into new heights

BigWallet will boost your business efficiency. Everything you need to operate, manage and monitor your business transactions in a seamless mobile app.

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Business Card Physical Business Card Virtual

Corporate business cards:
physical and virtual

Seamless and smooth business spending

Whether it is a business meeting over lunch, business travel, industry event booking, or online marketing expense, you have it all covered.

Manage your spending

Manage your team's spending

Set limits, freeze, unfreeze cards and stay on top of every transaction.

Order BigWallet Business Cards linked to your Business Account and easily manage your company expenses while having visibility and control over every cent that leaves the company account with real-time notifications and detailed reporting.

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Mobile Sent

Request payments from anyone and generate payment links

Start accepting payments today without the hassle of website coding

Accept and settle payments in minutes. Access your money immediately and do business in the fastest most agile way there is in the market.

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Choose your plan


Cover a modern day business simplest needs from basic payments and day-today transactions.


Designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs, this is the Standard plan, plus more Payment card types.


Designed for seasoned e-commerce merchants.
Enjoy payment acquiring with Standard Banking Services; such as Business IBAN, payment cards and more.


Accept payments in your e-shop easily from anywhere without commitments and access your earnings in 24 hours.


Want the best of both worlds? Enjoy Big Wallet's Combo setup alongside a white label card-issuing programme for your clients.

no more headache

Payroll Processing!
Easier than ever.

Connect your staff member accounts with BigWallet's payroll functionality and pay salaries with one click

Add your employees to BigWallet Payroll functionality and pay salaries with one click.

Monitor employees' Account Status, notify employees of missing KYC, get notified when transfers are completed, process batch payments and more; all through BigWallet Business Account Payroll feature.


Third party integrations and plug-ins (coming soon)

BigWallet plays well with others

At BigWallet, we understand that being able to work with other apps, platforms and tools is key in building global businesses.

This is exactly why we've set up a product that can easily integrate with some of the world's favourite third party software providers.

Open banking API

Taking connectivity to another level

Our API, developed in full compliance with Berlin Group Standard open banking API capabilities; allows you to connect your business account to other banks and vice versa. Push the boundaries of what's possible with BigWallet.

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Coming soon
BigWallet Features
Enjoy a unique personal finance experience

business accounts

Power your online business with accounts tailored to modern commerce.


Start accepting bank cards online as a payment method.

White label solutions

Expand your brand's reach with the BigWallet powerful white label application and card solution.