World Elite Subscription Terms

These terms apply from 1st September 2022.

BigWallet World Elite Mastercard subscription terms

1. Why this information is important

This information sets out the extra services we provide to our World Elite Mastercard users. Sometimes we call these cards BigWallet Omni card. It also sets out other important things that you need to know.

These terms and conditions are part of the legal agreement (the agreement) between you and us referred to in the Personal Terms (the personal terms). If there is any inconsistency between the personal terms and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions will apply.

You can ask for a copy of these terms and conditions through the BigWallet app or from one of our support agents at any time.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Your subscription for the World Elite Mastercard services will automatically renew every year unless you give us notice to end it before the automatic renewal. Regardless of how you pay your subscription, we may charge a fee if you end the subscription within 10 months of it starting.

Our fees are set out on the Fees section.

We may restrict your right to upgrade or downgrade your subscription more than once in a 12-months period.

2. About us

We are UAB Silvergate LT, an authorised e-money institution which is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. Our company number is 305181493.

The rights and obligations set out in these terms apply to you and UAB Silvergate LT.

3. The World Elite Mastercard Services

The World Elite Mastercard users have access to all the services available to standard BigWallet personal account holders, as well as the following benefits:

up to three active physical standard BigWallet Cards at any one time;

priority customer support through the BigWallet app;

one free contactless stainless steel BigWallet World Elite Mastercard metal card;

four times the free ATM withdrawal allowance of Standard users; and:

Access to Mastercard Concierge Elite services:

Minimum level of concierge services 24/7 365 days per year, cardholders to receive a global coverage and an elite-level customer experience: (a) Lifestyle e.g. Hospitality, Event Ticketing, Restaurant reservations; (b) Travel e.g. booking services for package holidays, flights, hotels, card rental and specialty travel; (c) Everyday assistance – support with gift/flower recommendations and delivery, and; (d) Special experiences – connections where it matters to arrange a range of special/unique experience.

Access to Mastercard Airport Lounges (including 1 free of charge access per year):

LoungeKey membership to offer access to a minimum of 1,100 airport lounges for Lounge Key/Mastercard Airport Experiences and a minimum of 1,300 for Priority Pass across a global network – PLUS one (1) free Lounge visit per year. You can have unlimited number of accesses to MasterCard lounges per year, however we will charge you a fee per access in accordance to our Fees section.

Access to Mastercard Boingo Global Wi-Fi:

Global Wi-Fi access Service that delivers complimentary access to Wi-Fi hotspots when cardholders travel – at the airport, in the air and on the ground (as per T&C of Mastercard and Boingo).

4. The BigWallet Metal Card – the Mastercard World Elite card

If you upgrade to World Elite Mastercard services, we’ll issue you with a contactless stainless steel BigWallet World Elite Mastercard metal card that is only available to BigWallet World Elite Mastercard users. You can only hold one such Mastercard at any time. You can still use other BigWallet cards you have.

Fees and cancelling

5. Paying your World Elite Mastercard subscription

You can pay your subscription fee in monthly instalments or pay the full subscription once a year. These fees are set out in our Fees section.

When you become a World Elite Mastercard user we may ask you to pay the subscription from a debit card or credit card you’ve registered with us (your stored card). We will take the subscription from that stored card while you remain a World Elite Mastercard user.

If we can’t take payment from your stored card for any reason (for example, because it has expired), we will ask you to register another card which will become your new stored card. If you don’t do this within seven days, we’ll take the subscription from your account. We may also take legal steps to collect the payment. If we do, you may have to pay our reasonable costs of doing so.

You may be responsible for paying any taxes or costs that we are not responsible for collecting from you.

Unfortunately, if you do not pay the subscription within 30 days of it becoming due, we’ll have to cancel your subscription.

6. Fees for downgrading your World Elite Mastercard subscription

You can end your World Elite Mastercard subscription at any time (we call this a downgrade). However, you may have to pay us a fee. You’ll still be able to benefit from the services you get for your subscription until the end of the month you have paid a subscription for. After then, you’ll become a standard user again (a personal account holder who does not pay a subscription for the World Elite Mastercard services).

We may waive the fee you pay for a downgrade. Where we do this, you might need to promise to do (or not do) certain things to be eligible for the waiver (for example being an important representative of our business customer). Whether or not we will waive a fee is our decision. We’ll let you know if we are willing to waive a break fee for you (for example, in app or by email).

The fees for ending or downgrading your subscription are set out below.

If you downgrade within 14 days

If you pay your subscription in monthly instalments, we’ll give you a full refund of your subscription. If you already ordered the World Elite Mastercard metal card, we’ll charge you EUR 100 for the card issuing, plus any delivery fee.

We call this your right of withdrawal. This means that you can withdraw from your World Elite Mastercard subscription within the first 14 days of subscribing. You have a right to withdraw without paying any penalties (except for the metal card issuing and delivery fees) and without having to indicate any reason.

If you downgrade after 14 days but within 10 months

If you pay your subscription in monthly instalments, we won’t make any refund and you’ll have to pay the subscription for the month in which you tell us you’d like to end or downgrade your subscription. We’ll also charge a break fee equal to two months’ subscription.
If you pay the full subscription once a year, we won’t refund any of the full year’s subscription you paid, but we won’t charge a break fee.

If you downgrade after more than 10 months

If you pay your subscription in monthly instalments, you’ll have to pay the subscription for the month in which you tell us you’d like to end or downgrade your subscription, but we won’t charge a break fee.

If you pay the full subscription once a year, we won’t refund any of the full year’s subscription you paid, but we won’t charge a break fee.

It’s easy to end or downgrade your subscription

If you’d like to cancel your subscription, you can let us know through the BigWallet app.

7. When can you end my World Elite Mastercard subscription?

We can suspend access to your account and end your World Elite Mastercard subscription immediately if:

we suspect you are behaving fraudulently or otherwise criminally;

you haven’t given us the information we need, or we have good reason to believe that the information you have given us is false;

you have broken these terms and conditions in a serious or persistent way;

you owe us money and, despite us asking you to pay us, you have not done so within a reasonable period of time;

you’ve been declared bankrupt; or

we must do so under any law, regulation, court order or ombudsman’s instructions.

We may also end your subscription for other reasons, but we will give you at least two months’ notice through the BigWallet app, by text message or in an email.

8. We can change these terms

We can change these terms and conditions, but we’ll only do so for the following reasons:

if we think it will make them easier to understand or more helpful to you;

to reflect the way our business is run, particularly if the change is needed because of a change in the way any financial system or technology is provided;

to reflect legal or regulatory requirements that apply to us;

to reflect changes in the cost of running our business; or

because we are changing our products or services or introducing new ones.

Telling you about changes

If we add a new product or service that doesn’t change these terms and conditions, we may add the product or service immediately and let you know before you use it.

If we change an existing product or service that does not relate to payments into or out of your account (for example, the concierge service), we’ll normally give you 30 (thirty) days’ notice before we make the change. If we make a change that relates to payments into or out of your account (for example, in relation to cash withdrawals), we’ll normally give you at least sixty (60) days notice through the BigWallet app before we make any change.

If we give you notice of a change, we’ll assume you’re happy with the change unless you tell us that you want to close your account before the change comes into effect.

9. Other terms

Our contract with you

Only you and us have any rights under the agreement.

The agreement is personal to you and you cannot transfer any rights or obligations under it to anyone else.

Our right to transfer and assign

You agree and permit us to merge, reorganize, spin-off, transform or execute any other form of reorganization or restructuring of our company or business and/or transfer or assign all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party.
We will only transfer any of your and our rights or obligations under the agreement if it won’t have a significant negative effect on your rights under these terms and conditions or we need to do so to keep to any legal or regulatory requirement, or it is done as a result of implementation of reorganization (or a similar process). You will be able to terminate your e-money account upon notification about the assignment, merger, reorganisation or any other similar notification.

Lithuanian law applies

The laws of the Republic of Lithuania apply to these terms and conditions and the agreement. Despite this, you can still rely on the mandatory consumer protection rules of the EEA country where you live.

The English version of the agreement applies

If these terms and conditions are translated into another language, the translation is for reference only and the English version will apply. By entering into this agreement and accepting our services, you confirm that you understand English language and agree to communicate with BigWallet in English language as far as the legal relations arising under this agreement are concerned including with respect to submitting and resolving any complaints.

Our right to enforce the agreement

If you have breached the agreement between you and us and we don’t enforce our rights, or we delay in enforcing them, this will not prevent us from enforcing those or any other rights at a later date.

Taking legal action against us

Legal action under these terms and conditions can only be brought in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.